Buying your first horse is an exciting journey and often the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. While many of the horse riding accessories are optional, some are essential for optimal care and handling. The following guide outlines the horse tack you’ll need from the beginning of your journey with your new companion.

What Horse Tack Do You Need?

1. Halter & Bridle

Halters are used for leading and tethering horses when they’re unmounted. They should be paired with lead ropes that are 12 feet long to let you maneuver around the horse at a safe distance while maintaining control.

On the other hand, bridles are used for controlling the horse while riding. Most bridles come with matching reins, but it’s also possible to buy separate options to suit your needs. Run the reins through your hands and chose a set that feels comfortable and solid. 

2. Saddle

There are two main types of saddles: Western and English. Western saddles are geared toward stability, while English saddles are more closely fitted to the horse. Both types need to be sized to fit your riding seat and the horse’s unique shape.

horse tackEvaluate the saddle by sitting in it while it’s on your horse’s back. If this isn’t possible, measure the horse with a flexible wire. Position it two inches behind the animal’s shoulder blades, across the backbone, and bend it to sit against the skin.

Mark the points three inches down from the apex on either side and measure the distance across. This gap should match the gullet channel width of the saddle. Also, mark the points eight inches down from the apex and measure across. This gap is known as the bar channel width. Pair these measurements to evaluate saddle sizes.  

3. Grooming Kit

A full kit includes a hoof pick and curry comb along with soft- and hard-bristled brushes. The hoof pick is a curved metal spike used to keep the horse’s feet healthy and functional.

A curry comb is the first tool to use when brushing. It brings debris to the surface and spreads natural oils through the coat. Follow the curry comb with a stiff brush to get rid of heavy dirt. Finally, use the soft-bristled brush to make the coat neat and shiny.


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