Eggs are a universal staple of diets all over the world. Whether you’re a farmer or a self-sufficient homeowner, you probably want a steady supply of healthy eggs from happy chickens. With comfortable living conditions, excellent livestock feed, and careful attention, your chickens will lay beautiful eggs with vibrant yolks.

How to Increase Healthy Egg Production

1. Use High-Quality Chicken Feed

The health of a hen and her eggs depends on nutrient-dense food. Each hen should consume four to eight ounces of premium pellet, crumble, or laying mash, with the occasional addition of fresh vegetables, fruits, mealworms, and other supplementary foods. Some blends of livestock feed will even include amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics to ensure your chickens’ immune systems are robust.

2. Provide Access to Open Spaces

livestock feedstress-free environment is essential for providing chickens the comfort they need to lay regularly. Reduce stress in your chickens by allowing them freedom in an open space so that they can explore, forage, and interact freely. Consider adding a layer of chicken wire or netting over this open area to protect them from predators.

3. Boost Calcium Levels

Laying eggs uses significant amounts of calcium from a hen’s body. If it isn’t replaced, this can lead to weaker egg production and lower overall health.

To ensure your chickens are receiving sufficient quantities of this essential nutrient, add ground oyster shells to their livestock feed or leave a dish of oyster shells in the coop for them to consume as desired. Other available supplements include manganese and calcium extracts, which can be mixed with feed.


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