When it comes to growing a healthy lawn, homeowners focus on fertilization. While these steps are essential for grass development, don’t overlook the impact that mowing has on the landscape. If you cut it incorrectly, the grass is at risk of impaired growth. Here are a few mowing tips to review before you use your outdoor power equipment.

5 Lawn Mowing Tips to Maintain Healthy Grass

1. Sharpen Mower Blades

Dull or damaged mower blades can tear up the grass, leaving it vulnerable to disease and pest damage. You can correct normal wear every year by running the blade against a file until all imperfections are smoothed out. If the blade is severely damaged, have it replaced by a farm and garden retailer.

2. Adjust Blade Height Accordingly

Cutting the grass too short can stress the plant and cause withering. To prevent this outcome, adjust the blade height to cut the top third of the lawn. With more length preserved, the grass will remain productive, grow healthier roots, and maintain a vibrant color.  

3. Time It Right

outdoor power equipmentIf possible, schedule mowing for the mid-morning or late afternoon when the grass is dry but not overheated. Dew buildup will cause the grass to clump up if you cut it too early in the morning.  If you cut it too late, your grass won’t recover from the stress before night falls.  

4. Change Your Directions

Every time you mow, switch up your directional pattern. If you don’t change your direction, your lawn is more likely to become compacted. This may inhibit the growth of your lawn. Alternating directions improve coverage, which supports weed control efforts.

5. Leave Clippings Behind

Remove the collection bag from your outdoor power equipment so that the grass clippings fall onto the lawn. Although this approach may seem unkempt, the organic plant matter is essential to lawn health. The clippings act as mulch and will help return nutrients to the soil. They also preserve moisture in the heat.


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