Digging and laying the foundation is one of the first steps of a successful construction project. It involves removing the ground from the site and pouring a concrete footing to support the structure. Even if you understand the concept, it's best to let an excavating contractor complete this job. The following guide explains why you should always turn to professionals. 

What Is the Purpose?

The main function of a strong foundation is to support the weight of a building. The concrete at the bottom is what the walls and support beams are connected to, so this material needs to be strong enough to support all that weight. 

A foundation also insulates a building, protecting it from moisture and extreme temperatures. A solid concrete slab prevents water from seeping in, which may weaken the walls and allow them to warp. It also keeps the interior comfortable by preventing heat transfer between the floor and the ground beneath. 

Why Do Foundations Fail?

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A professionally installed foundation may last indefinitely since the size and type of footing should be precisely measured and placed based on the size of the building, site, and type of soil. However, some foundations eventually fail due to moisture issues, resulting in bowing walls and uneven flooring. If the soil around the foundation is too wet, the concrete may eventually absorb that moisture and break apart. 

Some foundations also fail due to ground movement. For example, if the concrete wasn’t compacted fully or allowed to cure, tiny shifts in the earth may cause it to break apart. 

Why Is DIY Work Dangerous?

Excavating requires careful planning and heavy equipment. Once the trench is being formed, the walls need to be braced to prevent them from falling onto people. Digging into the earth may also expose you to underground power lines, which carry electricity and may cause electric shocks if they're struck. Workers also need protective gear like masks to filter out dust and debris, and they require hardhats to prevent large pieces of rock from hitting them and causing injuries.


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