The first offense of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a Class B misdemeanor in the state of Missouri. This charge comes with up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1000. Yet, most of the time, a conviction can be kept off your record on a first DWI. To keep the circumstances in your favor, here are some mistakes to avoid after a DWI.  You should immediately call Mike to handle your case.

5 Mistakes Following a DWI Arrest

1. Admitting Your Guilt

It is best not to answer questions about drinking or operating a vehicle.  If you admit that you are drunk after getting pulled over, this can be used against you in the police officer’s testimony. Do not admit driving either if you are not in the vehicle.  Don’t lie.   Just say, on the advice of counsel, I choose not to comment.  That way you are not proving the case against you.

2. Engaging With the Police

Even discussing where you’re coming from or where you have been could be turned into evidence against you (if you’re going home from a bar, for instance). While you should cooperate with the police officer when you’ve been pulled over, you can invoke the fifth amendment—your right to remain silent.  

3. Missing a Court Date

driving while intoxicated Columbia MOA failure to appear in court can compound your charges. A warrant for your arrest may be issued, which means you’d be taken into custody and have to post a bigger bond. They can charge you with a new crime of failing to appear in court.  If you hire Mike, he will take care of your court dates so you don’t have to miss work until the case is ready to be finished.

4. Not Scheduling a Hearing With the DMV

If you are arrested and test over .08 on the alcohol test, your license will be suspended in 15 days if you do not contest the administrative hearing.   All of the expensive consequences of a DWI happen—loss of license, SATOP to get reinstated, SR22 insurance and reinstatement fees.  Mike beats some of the administrative actions and can save you a lot of money in this situation.  So hire him before the 15 days runs and he takes care of this also.   If you are still deciding what to do, then schedule an administrative license hearing with the DMV to preserve the chance to beat the hearing.

5. Neglecting to Hire a Lawyer

Some people do this on their own.   Later they find out that they could have done much better with an attorney.   The administrative process, the criminal process, the court dates and the consequences of each are foreign and a burden.   Hiring Mike gets you a competent, down to earth attorney who takes the time to explain your options so you get the best outcome and so you understand a complicated process.  He also will take care of everything until the end.   


If you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated, turn to the Law Office of Mike Hamilton for quality representation. Serving Columbia, MO, the firm has decades of legal experience and will work hard to defend your rights to the fullest degree. Learn more about this attorney’s comprehensive approach to DWI charges online or call (573) 825-5698 to schedule a consultation.

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