With the arrival of fall, you should consider the needs of your roof and prepare a maintenance plan to protect it. This will ensure it doesn’t sustain considerable damage from seasonal storms or extreme weather changes. Below are a few strategies to help you do this so that you have protection all season long. 

How to Care for Your Roof This Fall

1. Trim Trees

Although fallen leaves create a picturesque landscape, they are problematic for your roof. As they land and collect on the surface, they trap moisture, increasing the likelihood that rot, mildew, and mold will form. Without prompt treatment, this could compromise the integrity of the entire roofing system.

To avoid this issue, trim any tree branches that hang directly over your home. That way, when the leaves do fall, they land on your yard, rather than the roof. This also ensures that if any branches break off during a storm, they will not land near your home.

2. Inspect the Underlay

roofThe roofing underlay prevents air transfer between your home and the outdoors. If something compromises it, your HVAC system will struggle to maintain a consistent temperature. This will cause a spike in your energy bill, as well as create comfort issues during cold weather. Hire a contractor to inspect your underlay and ensure it’s safe. If repairs are necessary, do so before the temperatures drop dramatically.

3. Check the Shingles

Once winter hits, it is more challenging to handle roofing repairs, primarily due to the inclement weather and slick conditions. As such, autumn is the perfect time to check for shingle damage. You can handle this inspection easily by walking the grounds of your property and looking toward the roof. If you notice that there are sections missing or cracking, schedule repairs to prevent the damage from worsening during winter. 


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