When it comes to auto repair, few components are more important than your vehicle’s chassis system. This sturdy metal frame is frequently called the backbone or skeleton of the vehicle, housing essential components and providing the basic structure for the final construction of the car. Below is what you should know about this important automotive system.

What Is Included in the Chassis?

The base of the chassis is the metal frame that carries the load of the entire vehicle. This frame is typically made from either carbon steel or aluminum. The chassis also houses vital systems that allow you to drive under any condition safely. This includes the suspension system, brake system, the clutch, and even the engine. The chassis helps absorb the stresses the vehicle experiences during operation to protect these vital systems.

What Types of Chassis Systems Are There?

auto repairWhen it comes to getting an auto repair, understanding which type of chassis system your car uses can make a big difference in the repair process. Most modern vehicles use what is called a unibody chassis. In this form, the body and frame are viewed as a single unit. This allows for lighter-weight construction, which improves handling and fuel efficiency. However, this can make repairs more difficult.

Trucks and off-road vehicles typically use a body on frame chassis. Instead of being directly attached, the body simply sits on the frame. The more rigid frame gives vehicles greater towing power but results in worse fuel efficiency and handling. However, this chassis style is easier to repair, making a full recovery from a severe accident more likely.


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