If you're thinking about selling your home sometime soon, now is the perfect time to make upgrades to the property. Working with a lighting contractor to install new outdoor light fixtures is a simple improvement that can have a big impact on your home's overall value. This guide explains how to get the most out of your lighting upgrades. 

How Outdoor Lights Affect the Value of a Property

Curb appeal is a big consideration when buying a home, which is why sellers usually make outdoor improvements to entice buyers to make an offer on their properties. Not only do lights enhance the look of your home's exterior, but they also improve safety and security by increasing visibility. When it comes to the return on investment, homeowners can recoup as much as 50% of the initial cost from these upgrades.  

Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting to Consider

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While your lighting contractor can make suggestions based on your preferred design scheme, here are a few common selections.

  • Strategically placed spotlights are helpful for enhancing any landscape features you'd like to emphasize.
  • Bollard lights can be inserted into the soil to light up paths and walkways and increase safety.
  • Step lights serve a similar purpose, as these can be installed directly onto stairs leading to your deck or into the home.
  • Floodlights attached to motion sensors can act as a deterrent to break-ins and intruders. 

How to Care for Your New Lighting Fixtures

About once per week, check the condition of your lights and remove any dirt or debris, if necessary. Trim trees and shrubs around fixtures, as foliage can block the light or deposit moisture that may cause rust and corrosion. While cleaning, look for damage to electrical wiring or cracked casings. If you notice any problems, schedule repairs right away. 


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