When you want to keep the interiors cool, homeowners have a wide range of options, but one of the most cost-effective and reliable is the simple ceiling fan. Once the leading choice in new home construction, a ceiling fan installation is experiencing a revival after years of declining popularity. Here are a few reasons to consider ceiling fans when updating your home’s climate control systems.

What You Should Know About Ceiling Fans

1. Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that ceiling fans are among the most energy-efficient climate control appliances. The average ceiling fan consumes 31.1 watts and costs just $0.04 per hour to run, compared to the 3,500 watts and $0.50 per hour common in standard air conditioning units.

Furthermore, because ceiling fans create an artificial draft which can help rooms feel cooler, they’ll enable you to decrease your overall energy consumption to stay comfortable during the warmer months. As a result, you can expect to spend less on your energy bills and more on home upgrades or activities of your choice.

2. Year-Round Use

Although ceiling fans are primarily known for their ability to cool homes in the summer, they’re also surprisingly beneficial during the winter. Fan blades typically turn counter-clockwise, which pushes cool air through the space below. 

In the winter, they can be adjusted to turn clockwise, which will push the warm air which gathers on the ceiling downward, making the room feel warmer. That way, you can reduce your heating bills without sacrificing comfort during the coldest parts of the year.

3. Decorative Versatility

The first step in the ceiling fan installation process is choosing a model which fulfills your practical needs and decorative preferences. Fortunately, there’s an almost endless variety of styles and materials used in ceiling fan construction, from brushed steel and bronze to natural wood, wicker, and more affordable synthetic materials. Choosing materials which complement your existing decor will enable you to create an attractive focal point for the room.


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