Electrical cords are insulated so that you don’t contact the live wire underneath. When that exterior coating begins to fray, the wiring is now exposed and can pose a hazard to you and your property. Below are five reasons why frayed wires are dangerous and why electricians insist you replace them.

The Hazards of Frayed Wires

1. Fire

A lack of insulation exposes the heat traveling along the wires. Certain electronics get quite hot, and if that excess heat reaches the flashpoint near flammable items like carpet or upholstery, it will ignite a fire. You should replace any power cords that are damaged, especially those behind furniture and running aside rugs. While electrical tape is a temporary fix, it should not be a permanent solution.

2. Equipment Trouble

Frayed wiring and cables interfere with the power flowing in the circuit, which can lead to dips and spikes of heat and electricity. This uneven circuit will damage and burn out components inside equipment, especially computers and laptops.

3. Noncompliance

If an inspector were to enter yourelectricians space and see frayed and damaged wires, you would most likely face code violations. This situation is especially true in offices filled with electrical and computer equipment. Not replacing cords leads to fines for an unsafe environment. Also, make sure you do not have wiring running underneath carpeting.

4. Injuries

As electronics and wiring heat up without necessary insulation, you are at risk for burns. If you touch a frayed wire with exposed circuits flowing, you can get an electrical shock and skin burn that ranges in severity. In some cases, you may even suffer muscle paralysis.

5. Fatalities

Electrocution can be so severe that it results in death. A strong electrical current coursing through your body can be fatal. If you see an exposed wire, do not attempt to handle it yourself. Call an electrician to handle particularly troublesome frayed cords, and make sure you replace all of them.


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