A garage door is only as good as the total sum of its parts. Each piece is critical to its operation, from the opener to the springs. One element that doesn’t receive as much attention but is just as vital is the auto-reverse function. As the garage door installation and repair specialists at Great Garage Door Co. of Maplewood, MN, are here to share, it’s an important feature all homeowners should have. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Why the Garage Door Auto-Reverse Function Is a Critical Feature to Have

1. Safety

More than anything else, the auto-reverse function serves as a safety mechanism that prevents the possibility of injury to people and damage to objects. The system is designed to detect an obstacle in the garage door’s path and immediately reverse so it doesn’t make contact. When it’s working properly, it will reverse no matter what the size of the object, be it a large branch or a dog.

2. Efficiency

garage doorIt’s also important to have this feature because of its efficiency. At the first sign of blockage in the garage door’s path, the mechanism will engage and quickly reverse the door in the other direction. If you notice it takes too much effort or the object needs to be especially large or heavy for the door to reverse, it means the mechanism isn’t working properly. Under normal circumstances, it will engage easily and is highly efficient.

3. Value

During home inspections, the inspector will check the garage door’s resistance and auto-reverse functions. It’s considered a safety hazard if it’s not working properly. Many prospective buyers aren’t even aware of this feature, but it holds significant value. Garage doors in older homes may not have it at all, as the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a mandate that ordered doors manufactured after January 1993 include the safety functionality. If you’re selling your home, it’s worth checking to make sure your auto-reverse function works.

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