Spring is a season of transitions, including temperature. With hot, sunny afternoons and chilly mornings and nights, you may need to use both your air conditioning and your heating in a single day. To help you through the season and ensure you’re ready for summer, replace your older or inefficient HVAC system now. Here are three reasons why it’s the right time to give your heating and cooling system a boost. 

3 Benefits of Installing a New HVAC System in Spring

1. Reduce Energy Costs

Routine upkeep—such as cleaning condenser coils and replacing air filters—will help improve system efficiency. However, if you kept up with necessary maintenance and still had high energy bills last summer, it may be time to get an upgrade.

Modern systems have many features that help keep your utility costs low. For example, ductless air conditioning can lower temperatures in a more efficient fashion by cooling only the rooms you want. They also don’t rely on extensive ventilation systems that are common sources of energy loss. 

2. Avoid Emergency Breakdowns

HVAC systemAn older unit may have faulty or aging parts that impair the system’s cooling abilities — leaving you in the lurch when you need your system to keep you cool. Repairs take time and may not ultimately prove cost-effective or convenient, especially if your unit needs attention frequently. Fortunately, you can avoid the hassles and discomfort of summer heat by replacing the older system with a newer model in the spring, when technicians aren’t in such high demand. 

3. Gain Better Control

While programmable thermostats are helpful, they aren’t always the most effective option when you want to optimize climate control. It’s most efficient to be able to adjust for new circumstances even when you’re not home. Many modern systems—including those from Mitsubishi Electric®—feature smart controls that allow you to change a wireless thermostat from any location. You’ll always come home to a comfortable environment, even if temperatures climb far past the forecast.  


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