As a parent, few situations can be more frustrating than going out to eat. You want to visit a restaurant and enjoy a peaceful meal with your family, but it can be difficult to do so if the kids aren’t into the menu options or the restaurant frowns upon rowdiness. Finding a restaurant specializing in family dining is key to enjoying your eating experience with the kids.

Although some establishments may feature a children’s menu, these are not necessarily family restaurants. Family dining establishments have specific features that set them apart from other restaurants. 

Family Dining: What You Should Expect

Kid-Friendly Menu Options

family-diningIt’s no secret that kids are picky eaters, and while you may be excited about a chef’s special risotto or sea bass, your child may not share the same enthusiasm. A family restaurant understands these distinctions and tries to meet the needs of parents and kids alike with a full children’s menu. Kid’s menus typically include finger foods and kid-approved options, such as chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pricing Specials

A restaurant encouraging family dining will feature pricing specials meant to attract families. These specials vary but commonly include discounted or free meals for kids with the purchase of two adult meals, or a fixed price kid’s menu, including an entree, dessert, and beverage.

Varied Seating Options

One of the most difficult aspects of eating out as a family is figuring out the seating arrangements. If you have small children, you may need a high chair or space for your stroller. With older kids, you want your table situated in an area where your children won’t bother other guests. A family restaurant should accommodate all of your needs without a hassle.

Friendly Staff

Staff members who work in family dining should have a cheerful, pleasant demeanor. You can expect them to be friendly with children and understanding of spills or noisy children.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Overall, a family restaurant should have an inviting atmosphere. If you feel out of place or as though your family is inconveniencing the restaurant, it’s not the family dining experience you’re looking for.

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