Seasonal allergies can cause problems for humans, but they can also affect your pets. Dogs can experience seasonal pollen allergies, which often cause irritated eyes, repeated sneezing, and diarrhea. You may even catch them obsessively licking, biting, or chewing on various body parts, like their paws. Symptoms can also be triggered by other allergens, like fleas, cigarette smoke, and cleaning products. Changing your pet care routine can help mitigate problems. Review the following guide to learn how to care for a canine suffering from seasonal allergies.

How to Navigate Your Dog's Seasonal Allergies

1. Change Walking Habits 

If your dog is allergic to tree pollen, avoid going for walks in the early morning or late afternoon. Pollen levels are higher during these times of day, which means your pooch is more likely to have a reaction. Stay away from parks and fields, and walk on sidewalks or trails. If your pet's allergies are severe, consider visiting an indoor dog park or taking them to day care during allergy season.

2. Bathe and Clean Your Pup Frequently

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When you return from walks, wipe off your dog's body and paws to remove dust, dirt, and pollen from their coat. Hypoallergenic grooming wipes are available at many pet stores. You may also want to get your pup groomed monthly to make sure their skin and coat are free of irritants. Tell groomers about your dog's skin irritation, and if you bathe them at home, use an anti-itch shampoo. 

Home maintenance is another important part of pet care. Regularly wipe down surfaces that gather dust, and wash soft toys regularly. Change air purifier, humidifier, and HVAC filters to prevent mold or dust buildup. 

3. Change Their Diet 

Incorporate dietary supplements into your pet care arsenal. Fish oil and other fatty acids, such as omega-3, can help maintain a dog's skin. Carbohydrates can trigger and worsen inflammation, so try putting your dog on a low-grain diet. Look at the ingredient labels on dog food and treat bags to make sure your furry friend is eating a balanced and healthy diet.


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