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1845 Emerson Street, Rochester, NY 14606

About Cascades Recovery US Inc.

It's Not Waste Until We Say It Is.

Cascades Recovery US Inc. in Rochester, NY is in the business of managing discarded recyclable materials so that they can be collected and processed for use in new products. With over 33 years of experience, they're able to assist their customers in achieving their sustainability goals while delivering the most cost-effective material recovery methods in the area.

Whereas other waste companies only care about transferring waste to landfills, Cascades Recovery looks to divert recyclable material from landfills in an effort to use these materials again and again. Rather than letting these discarded materials take up space at a landfill or head straight to the incinerator, Cascades Recovery is dedicated to finding beneficial uses for them, maximizing their utility and value while also minimizing the larger environment impact and related costs.

Cascades is able to offer a customized material recovery plan designed to suit the specific needs of each customer. Their efforts go beyond mere recovery, also aiming to incorporate efficient programs and processes into business so as to ensure the very most is being made of all their discarded recyclable materials.

Cascades Recovery US Inc. has recyclable material processing facilities located across upstate New York, including in Rochester, Buffalo and Albany. Through their expertise in materials recovery, Cascade is able to offer a diverse array of recycling services to the commercial, industrial, graphics and municipal sectors of the regional economy. To learn more about Cascade's services – such as their prowess in materials management and waste recovery – simply visit them online, or give their Rochester recycling center a call at (585) 527-8110


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(2 reviews)