As a small company whose success relies on fulfilling orders swiftly and accurately, one of your first concerns must be to constantly improve your shipping and handling processes. Your larger competitors may have the advantage with dedicated teams of shipping clerks and huge warehouse spaces, but by taking advantage of third-party logistics, simplifying your processes, and preparing ahead, you can remain competitive. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to Improve Your Business's Shipping Process

1. Streamline Packaging

Simplify your packaging process to reduce the time needed to get orders out the door. For instance, choose a versatile software package that lets your team quickly and easily print necessary shipping documents. You have numerous choices, many of which let you print invoices, shipping labels, packing slips, and more without wasting time switching between programs. Always have multiple box sizes, various fillers, and other shipping materials close at hand so that your shipping department doesn't need to search for the right packaging.

2. Declare Packages Online

third-party logistics

International packages must go through customs both as they leave the U.S. and when they enter a foreign country. If they must open and inspect your shipments, it can slow the process down considerably. To avoid this, declare your packages online in advance. For instance, the U.S. Post Office's Click-N-Ship® program helps you through the customs documentation process online, allowing you to review the requirements of the country to which you'll be shipping as well as print labels and calculate the postage.

3. Partner With a Third-Party Logistics Company

A third-party logistics (3PL) service lets you outsource supply chain management and logistics. This allows you to maximize your company's time and space so you can focus on its core competencies. Instead of managing inventory, shipping, or warehousing, your team can concentrate on customer management, sales, manufacturing, or research and development—whatever makes your business special. Working with a 3PL also gives you access to a full-service shipping infrastructure without needing the capital to buy it, so it's easier to scale resources as your needs change. To remain competitive, a 3PL constantly seeks to improve performance, upgrade equipment, and reduce inefficiencies, which keeps your supply chain running smoothly.


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