When you get in a fender bender, your immediate response affects everything from your auto insurance claim to the necessary repairs. Staying calm and taking the proper steps will minimize the consequences and help you recover from the accident. Here are several strategies to follow immediately after.

What Should You Do After a Crash?

1. Call First Responders

The first step is to attend to anyone who was injured in the accident. To do this, dial 911 and inform them about the issue. Tell the dispatcher about the injuries so that they can send an ambulance promptly. If nobody needs medical attention, call the nonemergency police line so that an officer can come to the scene and file a report. This creates a paper trail that you can give to your auto insurance agent when you file a claim. Having professional documentation about the crash increases your chances of a successful claim.

2. Exchange Information

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After contacting emergency services, exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved in the accident. Write these details down so that you can give them to your insurance agent. Avoid apologizing or saying anything that might sound like an admission of fault, such as “I didn’t see you.” Even if you believe the accident was your fault, the other drivers may have contributed in ways you aren’t aware of. However, if you assume fault at the scene, you may be responsible, which means your auto insurance provider must pay for the costs.

3. Document Everything

Finally, gather the names and information of any passengers and witnesses. Take pictures of all cars involved and the scene, including both close images and distance shots from multiple angles. Next, write down everything you remember about the accident, and if you get medical treatment, keep a record of your diagnosis and treatments. This evidence helps your auto insurance provider process the claim. After you get home, call your agent and inform them of the accident to start the claim process.


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