Car insurance coverage and premiums depend on your habits and history as a driver. Therefore, high-risk drivers—those that have more liability to the state and insurers—need a specific type of coverage. If you’re unfamiliar with SR-22 insurance, the below guide will teach you about what it is and how it can help.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

Despite the name, this term doesn’t refer to an insurance policy. SR-22 insurance is when your car insurance provider agrees to send a form to the state every month that verifies you have coverage. Often, you will need it after an accident or a traffic offense conviction where you couldn’t pay for the damages, such as if you were uninsured. Therefore, an SR-22 bond is a promise that you are now diligently paying for a car insurance policy.

What Are the Benefits?

Reinstatement of Your License

sr-22 insuranceIf you have an accident or a traffic violation, one of the penalties may be a license suspension. The temporary loss of your license could make it difficult for you to get to work, transport your children, or handle everyday responsibilities. Luckily, by meeting the SR-22 requirement, the DMV may permit you to reinstate your license and registration.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Often, you must fulfill this requirement for the next three years, during which you are a high-risk driver. After completing the requirement, insurance companies will consider you less of a risk. As your liability decreases, so will your insurance premiums. While they may be high at first, SR-22 is not expensive to file, and the peace of mind that comes with legal compliance is priceless.

Avoid a Break in Coverage

Once you are a high-risk driver, you cannot always remain on your standard car insurance policy. If the agency drops you, you’ll need high-risk insurance to stay behind the wheel. SR-22 insurance acts as interim insurance, allowing you to avoid legal penalties of a lapse in coverage and purchase a standard policy in the future.


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