When you purchase a recreational vehicle (RV), it takes some time to adjust to driving it. This is because they handle differently than other vehicles due to their significant size and weight. To help with this process, below are several driving safety tips to prevent accidents and keep your RV insurance rates as low as possible.

A Guide to Safe Road Trips in an RV

1. Know the Height

Most recreational vehicles are around 14 feet tall. Because this is much taller than the average vehicle, you must be aware of your height as you drive. Measure to the highest point on the vehicle’s roof, and only travel through areas that provide significant clearance.

For example, avoid using the right lane, as you can hit low-hanging branches. Also, check all height clearance signs, which are common when driving near tunnels, bridges, and parking garage entrances. If you try to drive under an area that is too low, you can significantly damage your vehicle, causing a rise in your RV insurance.

2. Take Wide Turns

rv insuranceDepending on the model of your RV, it can be anywhere from 20 to 45 feet long. Because the vehicle is on a single axle, the back tires will cut across any corner you turn. This means if you turn too tightly around something, you will hit it or run over the curb with your back tires.

Typically, this is only a problem when turning right, as left turns allow you to use more of the intersection. If there are multiple lanes, take the one that is further from the curb. However, if there is only one turn lane, you must pull forward and to the left more than normally before cutting the wheel to the right.

3. Plan the Route

Driving down a small, dead-end street or making a wrong turn is considerably more challenging when you’re in a large vehicle. Before you leave for the trip, acquire a map or list of directions that you can reference throughout the drive. Then, utilize a GPS on your phone or a standalone version in the vehicle. These strategies will help you stay on larger roads and avoid getting lost.


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