Once purchased, bikers benefit from their motorcycle’s fuel efficiency and an exciting sense of freedom. But bikers are vulnerable on the road, which is why having motorcycle insurance is a law. As a new rider, you can further protect yourself on the road through various means, including research, proper gear, and preparation. 

How Can New Bikers Protect Themselves on the Road? 

1. Research Before Buying

New riders are often attracted to powerful engines. The roar they make is undeniably cool, and the speed they provide is incomparably appealing. But, they can be overwhelming at first. 

Choose a bike model that has an engine in the 250- to the 300-cc range. They’re powerful, but not unwieldy, making them a perfect starter engine, especially for those doing simple commuting. However, if you’re planning on substantial highway riding, discuss engines in the 500- to the 750-cc range with your motorcycle dealer, as they can keep up with higher-speed traffic. 

Bikes with anti-lock brakes will also increase safety and may lower your motorcycle insurance rates. If the bike you purchase doesn’t have anti-lock brakes, they can be installed afterward. 

2. Wear Protective Gear

Motorcycle InsuranceHelmets are mandated by law and should be worn whenever operating your motorcycle. Full-face helmets are considered the safest, as they provide complete coverage and a chin bar that can minimize injuries in an accident

Use other protective gear, including leather clothes and gloves, boots with nonskid soles, and reflective tape for riding at night or in poor weather. 

You may also choose to use earplugs to protect your hearing and blot out the white noise of wind coursing over your helmet. You’ll still be able to hear traffic and be able to detect any audible changes to your engine. 

3. Take Riding Lessons

Even after obtaining a motorcycle license, take intermittent riding courses to learn evasive emergency techniques, and develop new riding strategies. Accredited courses will decrease your motorcycle insurance premiums. 

4. Perform Pre-Trip Inspections

Inspect the bike before every trip. The tires shouldn’t have cracks, bulges, or worn treads. Make sure the tire pressure is at an average level to prevent blowouts. 

Check the engine for leaks daily, and inspect the hydraulic and coolant levels weekly. 

Test the headlight, taillight, and turn signals. Mount the bike to clean and adjust the mirrors if necessary. Then check the clutch, and make sure the throttle snaps back when released. Finally, test the horn. Once your pre-trip inspections are complete, go enjoy the road as it was meant to be. 


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