Storing your motorcycle in a secure area for the winter will help shield it from the elements. It will also keep you from riding on slick roads—a leading source of accidents and motorcycle insurance claims. To help you maintain your ride so that it is ready for the spring, below are a few strategies to protect it.

What Should You Do Before Storing a Motorcycle?

1. Apply Fogging Oil

Fogging oil is an anti-corrosive lubricant that you can buy at most auto stores. This fluid lines the internal components of the engine to prevent winter condensation from accumulating on the metal, deterring the formation of rust.

To apply it, follow the product instructions. In most cases, it’s as simple as spraying a small amount of the oil into the air intake valve while the engine is running.

2. Disconnect the Battery

Locate the battery and disconnect it by removing the negative cable first, followed by the positive cable. Then, store this part in a room-temperature environment so that cold temperatures don’t deplete the charge. This allows you to reconnect it in the spring.

3. Maintain Fluids

motorcycle insuranceAfter prolonged inactivity, used motor oil will react with contaminants inside and form destructive acids. To protect the engine and other components from acidic wear, drain the old oil and replace it with a fresh supply. Also, change the oil filter so that it can remove debris when you start the motorcycle.

Next, add a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas. As a petroleum-based product, the stabilizer prevents evaporation and keeps the fuel from clogging the bike’s hoses. While the amount varies depending on the product, most varieties require one ounce of stabilizer for every 2.5 gallons of gasoline.

4. Protect the Body 

For the best defense against damage, wash and wax the bike thoroughly to remove any contaminants. Next, cover it so that it doesn’t collect dust or attract pests. If possible, raise the motorcycle or place it on a stand to prevent the tires from going flat. Finally, place plugs in the air intake and exhaust valves to keep rodents from crawling inside and causing damage.

5. Check Offseason Insurance

Even if you’re not using the bike, motorcycle insurance can cover potential risks, such as theft or vandalism, that occur while it is in storage. While you shouldn’t let your main policy lapse during this time, you can usually get an offseason policy from your provider at a lower rate.


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