Water backing up in your basement drain can easily damage surrounding contents, such as boxes of holiday decorations and clothes in hampers. Timely drain cleaning services prevent water damage and mold growth, since the fungus thrives in dark, damp environments. To help you stay ahead of basement drain clogs, review common reasons for these blockages here. 

Why Is My Basement Drain Clogging? 

1. Debris Buildup

Your basement drain collects debris over time, including dust, dirt, hair, skin cells, and detergent particles. Hair is particularly detrimental to drains, because it creates a net for other particles to accumulate. As the clog worsens, water has a harder time flowing through the drain and into the adjoining sewer line. 

While debris-related clogs can be dislodged with foamy white vinegar/ baking soda mixtures and boiling water, professional drain cleaning services provide a more thorough solution. These services also include inspections to determine if debris is causing the clogged drain. 

2. Tree Root Damage

drain cleaning

Tree roots look for the nearest water source, which can cause them to wrap around buried plumbing pipes and sewer lines. Pipes crack and eventually collapse from tree root damage, causing basement drain blockages. 

If your sewer line has collapsed because of tree roots, the affected sections need replacing. Tree removal services might also be necessary. In terms of planting new trees, check how far their root systems extend and plant them at least 20 feet away from your sewer line and buried plumbing pipes. 

3. Sewer Line Clog

Wandering tree roots are not the only reason for sewer line clogs and basement drain backups. There is a wide variety of clogging agents that cause sewer line blockages, including feminine products, paper towels, tissues, coffee grounds, baby wipes, cigarette butts, and fat, oil, and grease.

Flushing these agents or allowing them to circle kitchen drains causes accumulations in the sewer line and can eventually result in fatbergs, or masses of fat, oil, grease, and non-biodegradable products that can cause street-wide plumbing backups.After scheduling drain cleaning services for a sewer line clog, be extra mindful about sink and toilet drains. Dispose of fat, oil, and grease in the trash and don’t flush anything other than toilet paper to keep the sewer line clear.


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