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1569 Sanford Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63139

About Porter Tuckpointing, LLC

From brick repair to stonework, Porter Tuckpointing is St. Louis’ premier masonry contractor. Specializing in traditional techniques, these bricklaying masters can take on jobs of any size and deliver consistently flawless craftsmanship.

If your home is in need of surface or structural repairs, Porter Tuckpointing has all the expertise and resources to give you reliable results. As leaders of home tuckpointing services in St. Louis, MO, these masonry contractors can restore and match mortar joints with precision, including those on historic buildings. Their services are perfect for revitalizing entire properties, as well as providing focused chimney repair, waterproofing, or limestone foundation restoration.

For new construction and home upgrades, the team will fit impeccably crafted features throughout your property. For example, they can create a wide variety of brick step styles, build new walls, and lay stone walkways to enhance your outdoor space. As concrete contractors, they also offer a wide range of driveway, foundation, patio, and sidewalk services.

Delivering more than 15 years of masonry experience, Porter Tuckpointing is proud to have contributed to some of the most complex brick construction projects in the area. Their attention to detail has won them accolades from a diverse collection of residential clients and allowed them to be selected for comprehensive historical restoration projects. While their service is unrivaled, they are committed to providing quality work at competitive rates. They even offer free estimates to give you the best insight for your project.

To discover what you can expect from this first-rate masonry contractor, check out the Porter Tuckpointing project gallery online. To schedule a consultation or request an estimate for your brick construction or stone work plans, contact an expert today at (314) 645-7818.



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