Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, it has a suspension system hard at work. Whenever you hit a bump, it works to absorb the impact and maintain your smooth ride. There are two types of systems in use today: independent suspension and rigid axle suspension. To uncover more about these systems and how they affect vehicles, check out the information below.

A Guide to Suspension Systems


suspensionThe majority of smaller cars on the market today have an independent suspension system. These systems allow the two wheels on the same axle to move independently from one another. One of the benefits of these systems is that because each tire will absorb the impact of the road separately, they provide easier handling and a smoother ride.

Rigid Axle 

Rigid axle suspension systems are designed for the rear of larger vehicles, such as the Dodge RAM®. These systems have a solid beam that extends between two wheels. If you hit a bump on the road, both tires will receive the same impact. This means you aren’t going to get the same smooth ride that you would in a vehicle with an independent system. They can, however, carry heavier loads and are great for off-roading and towing, which is why they are commonly found in the larger 4x4 vehicles.


Whether it’s an independent or rigid axle system, your vehicle’s suspension is crucial to your safety. If you think your car needs new brakes, shocks, struts, or other components, head in for a suspension inspection today. Cookeville Tire & Auto in Tennessee can take a look at your vehicle and determine what needs to be replaced or repaired in no time. Visit them online for more information on their services and call (931) 526-9022 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.