When you step into any seafood restaurant on the east coast of the United States, you’ll likely be greeted by the sweet smell of crab cakes. This Maryland-based dish traditionally consists of blue crab meat smothered in ingredients like mayonnaise, mustard, bread crumbs, and seasonings. Before you bite into your next crab cake, learn below how this scrumptious seafood became an American favorite. 

What Are the Origins of the Crab Cake?

seafood restaurant Crab cakes came into existence many years ago. Some say the dish was created by the Chesapeake tribe in the nation’s earliest days and cite the crab cake as one of the first Native American recipes adopted by European colonizers. By the 1800s, the dish lacked popularity since many people found accessing crab meat too difficult or dangerous. Eventually, as more people learned how to access the meat, crab cakes became well-known along the east and west coasts and made their way into seafood restaurants. However, the lack of refrigerated transport kept the dish confined to those areas.

How Did It Rise to Fame?

In the 20th century, crab cakes enjoyed a wider audience as trains began transporting crab meat throughout the United States. However, the dish didn’t officially get its name until the 1930s when Crosby Gaige listed it in his New York World’s Fair Cook Book. Since then, the Maryland crab cake has remained a beloved staple of various seafood restaurants around the country. 


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