Personal Injury Lawyer


Make a new year's resolution to review your auto insurance policy and update it! The biggest problem I see, frequently with tragic consequences, is the failure to carry for your own protection reasonable Uninsured & Underinsured motorists coverages. That is for your protection if a financially irresponsible driver collides with you. Get that -- with limits of at least $100M/300M, and hopefully more. This covers you if the person who collides with you has little insurance, or no insurance, and you or a passenger are injured by their negligence. Your policy picks up the damages after his/hers is consumed. A HUGE issue in NE Ohio, frequently  leads to tragic consequences; believe me, if you are significantly injured and require surgery, rehab,  etc, $100M doesn't go very far. Protect yourself, your Family, your Friends- review it, make sure you have it covered. I've seen many bad consequences over this issue.