The latter stages of life can be devastating, both personally and financially. There are things you can do to preserve your assets, manage your assets, for the benefit of your loved ones. But you have to do it in advance, usually by several years. It takes professional and experienced review and planning. Tell us what you have and want to protect; we will evaluate where you stand and go to work for you! Atty. Lafferty has done this for Clients hundreds of times. See us for a plan that suits your needs!


Some of the most difficult times in our lives are also some of the most important. Not having an experienced attorney on your side could result in unfavorable outcomes that could impact other areas of your life as well. For the strong legal representation you deserve, contact Lafferty Law Office at (440) 593-2309. You can learn more about Mr. Lafferty and the legal services he provides by visiting the firm’s website.