While some memorial service traditions have changed and evolved, one has remained widely popular: decorating with funeral flowers. These blossoms serve as beautiful tributes to the deceased and allow loved ones to express specific sentiments about the departed. Each flower has its own meaning, so when planning a service, you want an arrangement representing the message you wish to convey. Here are some common blooms used for final farewells and what they symbolize.

A Guide to Funeral Flowers

1. Lilies 

Lilies are one of the flowers most often associated with funerals and signify restored innocence. They serve as reminders that the deceased’s soul is at rest, giving friends and family members renewed hope. However, their meanings also vary depending on the type you select. White lilies stand for purity, whereas stargazer ones communicate sympathy.

2. Carnations 

funeral flower

Long-lasting and aromatic carnations are frequently included in funeral arrangements. They come in various colors, each reflecting a different emotion, but white, pink, and red are the most appropriate options for grieving.

The type of feeling you want to convey with the funeral flowers will help you decide on the proper hue. White shows true love and purity, pink symbolizes remembrance, while red embodies affection and admiration.

3. Roses

Using red roses as funeral flowers will express love and respect for the deceased. Meanwhile, white options evoke innocence, and pink ones portray grace and appreciation. On the other hand, dark crimson roses demonstrate grief. When mourning the loss of a friend, it’s common to incorporate yellow roses. If you wish to represent never-ending love, add a single red rose to the arrangement.

4. Chrysanthemums

The meaning behind chrysanthemums can vary depending on the region. In America, mums denote sympathy and honor. These typically create a more vibrant arrangement and support heavier flowers. They help celebrate the deceased’s life and achievements, as well as the joy they brought to others. 


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