There are several types of cremation services, each providing an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one while adding a personal touch to the ceremony. Since they’re unique in their own way, understanding the basics could determine which most effectively honors the wishes of the deceased. Here are three from which to choose.

The Main Types of Cremation Services

1. Memorial Service

These services don’t require the deceased to be present, which means that they can occur at a slightly later date. They provide time for family and friends to remember a life well-lived and share treasured memories. They can be held at local recreational centers or a special location that meant a lot to the deceased. It’s common to give the urn a place of honor during the service. However, choosing to feature a collection of pictures and personal belongings is a popular alternative.

2. Traditional Funeral

cremation serviceThese services typically occur within three days to a week of the family member’s passing. They’re held at a local church, funeral chapel, or family home and feature a viewing that allows time to pay your respects. The program is preset with the funeral directors and can include a selection of music, eulogies, and religious readings. Once the service is complete, the body is taken for cremation and placed in a decorative urn that the family can keep at home or inter in a columbarium.

3. Direct Cremation

This is one of the simplest options available for cremation. It doesn’t include a large gathering and is meant to provide a sense of closure to immediate family members. All they have to do is set an appointment with the funeral director and decide what happens with the urn. Some families choose to place the urn in their house, while others prefer to scatter the ashes at a memorable location.


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