Many people feel their funeral is something they’ll have no control over when the time comes. With funeral preplanning, however, the situation is the exact opposite. This convenient service has several benefits for those planning for the future. Below are answers to common questions funeral homes receive on the topic.

Your Guide to Funeral Preplanning

What is preplanning?

Funeral preplanning is a service offered by funeral homes that allows living clients to plan all aspects of their funeral, burial, and after-care now. This gives them complete control and ensures their family members won’t have to make any decisions when they eventually pass.

What are the benefits of preplanning a service?

funeral preplanningFuneral preplanning ensures you have total control. You can determine how you want your remains handled, where you should be laid to rest, and which funeral home you’d prefer.

You can also custom-tailor the service; consider who you’d like to speak—including family members and religious figures—the type of display you want, and any videos or music. Think about unique ideas, like a color theme, so that the funeral represents who you are. This reassures many clients, and the funeral home will ensure everything listed in your contract is executed to your preference.

What can I purchase?

Preplanning allows you to purchase everything you need now. For example, choose a casket or urn and pick out a cemetery plot or mausoleum space. Pay ahead for embalming, burial services, or cremation. Many funeral homes offer convenient payment plans, which can include revocable trusts if you decide to remit plans in the future for any reason.

Are there financial benefits?

With funeral preplanning, you pay today’s prices. Without it, your family will have to pay inflated prices years or even decades from now when you pass. This makes preplanning an excellent financial decision. You’ll also alleviate the burden from your family, so they won’t have to worry about funding it when the time comes.


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