Writing a eulogy is a commonly overlooked element of funeral planning. However, few aspects are more vital for setting the proper tone for the service. A eulogy can provide comfort, laughter, and heartfelt emotions. Here are a few ways to ensure you deliver an appropriate address.


Focus on your personal connection.

A eulogy should be much more than the list of facts that you would expect to find in an obituary. Try to make the address personal by sharing a favorite memory of the deceased. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings about how they impacted your life; a personal touch will make your tribute much more meaningful.

Write it down.

funeral planningAs with many other aspects of funeral planning, it is easier to remember everything if you have it written down. At the very least, make a bulleted list of the topics or stories you want to cover. This will keep you on track and help avoid digressions as you speak.


Bring up negative history.

Funerals aren’t appropriate places to dwell on any negative history you may have had with the deceased. Most other attendees are already aware of the deceased’s imperfections. If you can’t avoid mentioning something negative from the deceased’s life, keep it brief before moving on to something positive.

Forget to practice.

Your delivery will be just as important as the words you say. Giving a eulogy can be emotionally trying, which is why it’s wise to practice your speech a few times before the day of the service. This can help you fine-tune your flow and keep your emotions under control while you speak.


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