Though the idea of making your own final arrangements can seem a bit intimidating, it’s a practice that has become increasingly appreciated. Funeral preplanning allows you to remain in control of how your life is remembered. You can make informed decisions, and ease additional stress your loved ones will already be feeling during this difficult time. However, with so many decisions to make, it can be challenging to know how to begin your preparations. The following guide reviews a few essential steps in the process to help you get started.

A Guide to Funeral Preplanning

1. Choose a Disposition Method & Type of Service

Before anything else, you must decide if you prefer a burial or cremation. This will affect the type of service that’s held in your honor. A traditional funeral service often involves a viewing, ceremony, graveside burial, and reception. Cremation services tend to be less formal but can still include many of the same details as a funeral without the viewing or burial. If you choose to be buried, you’ll need to consider a casket and plot, while an urn is necessary for cremation services.

2. Consider the Details

funeral preplanningFuneral preplanning provides the opportunity to make arrangements that reflect your unique personality, religious views, family traditions, and cultural background. You’ll want to give quite a bit of thought to the details of your service.

Consider who you wish to speak on your behalf, which readings you want to be presented, the music you’d like played, and where the services should take place. You’ll also want to decide if your loved ones should bring flowers or donate to a charitable cause in your name.

3. Research Your Payment Options

Planning in advance also gives you the chance to figure out your finances for the funeral. There are several ways a service can be paid for, such as funeral insurance, life insurance, personal savings, credit card, or a payable-on-death account.

Many people opt to pay for their funeral ahead of time, eliminating an item their loved ones would have to worry about. This can also ensure you’re locking in today’s prices.


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