If you’re arranging funeral services for a loved one, you may be considering various ways you can honor their life. A memorial slideshow or video can help you pay tribute to important family moments. Before you put together your remembrance presentation, consider the following four tips.

How to Create a Memorable Slideshow

1. Use a Variety of Content

While photos are an important part of any kind of memorial presentation, include other types of media as well. For example, you could include a slide featuring your loved one’s favorite poem, quotes from their favorite book, or incorporate video clips from home movies. This can help paint a fuller picture of their interests 

2. Include Messages from Family & Friends 

funeral servicesTo make the memorial more personal and shed light onto important relationships your loved one had, include videotaped messages from close friends and family. Keep messages under 30 seconds to allow for multiple ones to be incorporated. Encourage each contributor to share a favorite memory they experienced with the deceased.

3. Add the Right Music

Adding music to the presentation as it transitions from one slide to the next can help guests focus and better enjoy the various memories you are sharing. Select a song that fits the tone of the event and that your dearly departed relative had a connection to. 

4. Make Copies

Save the presentation to multiple devices in case something happens to your original. Additionally, consider giving funeral service guests access to the video—such as through a shared Google Drive® link—so that they will also be able to review these moments again in private.


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