The significant impact a departed loved one makes on your life can last for years after they’ve gone. There are a number of ways to celebrate their memory, both alone and with loved ones, to ensure their memory stays alive. Whether you’ve recently had a funeral for a loved one, or if they’ve been gone a while, consider the following acts to help keep them present.

How to Keep a Loved One’s Spirit Alive

1. Carry a Personal Item With You

Remind yourself of the important role a loved one played in your life by carrying a personal item of theirs with you every day. This could be a beautiful piece of jewelry, a handkerchief, a key chain, or a watch. Whatever you choose, it should remind you of their best qualities and help you feel close to them.

2. Celebrate Their Birthday

funeral indianapolisBirthdays provide an opportunity to gather friends and loved ones to celebrate the deceased’s life. Dedicate a day to their favorite activities, or simply socialize with friends and family in honor of the deceased.

This is the perfect time to tell stories about them or share favorite memories of your time together. Consider putting together a slideshow of photos, a home movie compilation, or making a playlist of their favorite songs. You can even invite guests to bring gifts that can be left at their gravesite.

3. Save a Seat

If you’re part of a family that loves big events and special gatherings, save a seat for the deceased the next time you get together. Leave a spot next to their surviving spouse at the dinner table on Christmas Day, or go to a sports game and hold an empty seat where they once sat with you. Creating a space for them is a great way to feel their presence and can help it feel like a shared experience.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to further share the deceased’s values and character. Take part in a breast cancer awareness campaign or volunteer with a church group they were a part of. You can also organize a charity event in their name that supports a cause they were passionate about.


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