Plants can make the most ordinary apartment look warm and inviting. If you’ve been looking to add some green to your decor, you might not be sure where to start. Before you head to your local flower shop to stock up on hanging plants and succulents, consider these simple tips. 

How Can You Make Greenery Part of Your Decor?

1. Layer With Different Sizes

Plants brighten a room and add depth to the decor. You can enhance this effect by choosing plants of different sizes. Place a large plant on the floor while adding a few succulents to the coffee table. Mix shorter plants with tall orchids to make spaces more interesting. 

2. Fill Space

flower shopHave an empty corner that won’t quite fit a piece of furniture? Place a small table or shelf with a few plants to fill the space. A plant on your bathroom corner or bedside table can also add color to an otherwise empty space. You may also pick up a decorative planter from a flower shop to use as a table centerpiece. 

3. Try Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are perfect for small apartments, as they add style without taking up a precious table or shelf surface. Remember that most plants can be transferred to a hanging planter, but spider plants and vines are generally best suited to hang. 

4. Use a Shelf

If you want to make greenery a bold part of your decor, designate an entire shelf to plants. Put the shelf under a window and place the plants that need the most light on top. Make sure to layer with various sizes and species. To integrate it more into your decor, add a few books and accent pieces.


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