Once you decide to start family planning, it’s natural to want fast results. However, conceiving can take much longer for some women than others. Fortunately, while there are many factors that will play a role in the timing of your pregnancy, there are steps you can take to help increase your chances. Here are a few strategies to help your odds of getting pregnant.

How to Boost the Likelihood of Conceiving

1. Become Familiar With Your Cycle

Tracking your ovulation and menstruation is key in family planning. This helps you understand when you’re most fertile, which provides you with the best opportunity to get pregnant.

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you have seven days a month that are prime for making a baby. You’ll want to keep track of these days and practice basic fertility awareness, including taking your basal body temperature in the mornings and checking your cervical mucus for changes.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

family planningBeing underweight or overweight can lead to hormone imbalances during ovulation. As such, it’s not only important to maintain a healthy weight when pregnant, but also when you’re family planning.

Incorporate more vegetable protein sources and high-fat dairy into your diet, and keep up with a moderate exercise routine. Cut out caffeine and alcohol, and be conscious of managing your stress levels. If you smoke, now is the time to quit, as it can impact your estrogen levels and decrease fertility.

3. Avoid Standard Lubricants

Many couples are unaware that the lubricants they use could be hindering them from conceiving. A number of standard products, such as K-Y™ Jelly and Astroglide®, are thick, which can slow sperm down and prevent them from passing through. If you need lubricant to make intercourse more comfortable, you can use water-based products, canola oil, or Pre-Seed™. These won’t affect the sperm’s viability.  


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