House plants add beauty and character to your home. Some varieties even have air-purifying benefits, similar to your AC unit. While it’s practical to grow plants inside, the environment around them could affect their development. Here’s what you should know to avoid potential problems.

How AC Units Potentially Harm House Plants

Many homeowners strive to create indoor “jungles,” but the only way to ensure success is to replicate a plant’s natural outdoor habitat. That means introducing plenty of heat, light, and humidity to the space.

However, while you rely on your AC unit to cool your home, the system also pulls humidity from the air. That can have a detrimental effect on plants since they depend partially on that moisture to thrive. The cold air from vents may cause leaves to yellow and soil to dry out prematurely. 

AC unit

Steps to Take to Avoid These Problems

Place your plants in an area where they’re unlikely to be exposed to cool air from the vents. Still, you want to ensure that they receive adequate sunlight. If a spot near the window leaves the plants at risk of cool air exposure, consider investing in grow lights that can help provide them with the nutrients they need in a safer location.

Since moisture is key, do your best to restore that balance. An HVAC contractor could help you install a whole-house humidifier. However, you can also use a misting spray to apply water to your plants. Check the soil regularly, and add water whenever the top inch dries out completely. If you have small plants on display, you might set them in a glass terrarium to protect them from exposure to fluctuating temperatures and low humidity levels in the home.


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