For those who work with commercial contractors, some of the most costly and frustrating challenges are unexpected delays. While an experienced construction contractor will do everything in their power to bring a project to completion on schedule and within budget, certain factors can interrupt their best efforts and disrupt a well-ordered schedule. Here are a few reasons why your building project could face setbacks.

Why Do Construction Deadlines Change?

1. Weather

Construction of all kinds is one of the most weather-dependent industries. Everything from heat waves to severe storms can cause project managers and supervisors to halt work in order to prevent damage and protect their workers’ safety. While it’s impossible to control the weather, contractors can try to incorporate local forecasts into your project timeline. For example, they may schedule tasks such as roofing on days with little wind or provide adequate safety and wet weather gear to ensure workers can make progress on days with light rain.

2. Material Shortages

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To control costs and minimize risk, commercial construction companies typically order materials as they’re needed, rather than all at once. When sudden price increases or manufacturing errors result in shortages of materials such as steel, concrete, or lumber, you could find your schedule disrupted as the commercial contractors wait for the materials to become available. 

Additionally, because contractors often purchase raw materials from a variety of wholesalers, a shortage in one supply chain can result in delays even if all your other materials are available in sufficient amounts.

3. Permit & Administrative Delays

Certain stages of a project and certain types of work cannot be started or completed without approval from licensed inspectors or local building authorities. For example, remodeling permits, electrical and plumbing permits, and fire safety certificates have to be issued before work can proceed. When permitting isn’t adequately planned for or the number of available inspectors is limited due to high demand, delays are unavoidable. Scheduling permitting inspections well in advance can alleviate time loss and help your project finish on or near the hoped-for deadline.


Working with the right commercial construction company can help you minimize frustrating delays. With over 500 successfully completed projects to their credit and decades of combined experience, the commercial contractors at BHI General Contracting in Fairfield, OH, will work hard to bring your project to life on time. Call (513) 330-5686 to discuss your plans, and visit their website for more information on their services.