If you experienced fractured or broken bones in your leg after running, jumping, or skateboarding, it likely affected the tibia and fibula. These are the two major leg bones between the knee and the ankle. While these injuries can prevent you from performing your usual activities, following the measures below can help speed up the recovery process.

How to Heal After a Tibia-Fibula Injury

1. Wear a Cast 

During the first eight weeks of healing, expect to wear a cast. The appliance keeps the fractured or broken bones in place to allow the body to heal. It ensures that no incidents that can delay the recovery process will occur. After a period, the pain from the injury will subside. You can also ask a doctor for a removable walking brace, which can be lighter and more comfortable to move around in.

2. Start Rehabilitation Early

broken bones

Working with a doctor skilled in speeding the recovery process puts you ahead of the traditional rehabilitation schedule. A removable walking brace allows you to engage in closed kinetic chain (CKC) activity. This exercise includes walking, which supports the body's ability to bear weight, improve circulation, and promote bone reunion and growth.

Exercising in pools can also help with recovering from injured tibias or fibulas. Water activities offer strength-building resistance for broken bones while reducing gravity's pull on the legs.

3. Check Healing With X-Rays 

Undergoing X-rays to see how well the broken bones are healing will confirm whether the recovery plan is working. If everything looks good, the orthopedic surgeon will recommend continuing with rehabilitation. The process can include adding gym workouts, riding an exercise bike, and functional activities that enhance your mobility.


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