When it comes to improving your commercial facility’s architectural design, few aspects are more important than energy conservation. Both in new and existing structures, an energy conservation analysis can identify opportunities to reduce the facility’s total energy use. Incorporating insights from these reports can greatly enhance the building design.

What Is an Energy Conservation Analysis?

An energy conservation analysis is a comprehensive overview of a facility’s architectural design and systems, with a focus on improving energy efficiency. This analysis can include whole-building design, site considerations, lighting, HVAC, and plumbing systems, and even the materials used during construction. Quite often, these analyses will also account for landscape design and management.

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These analyses focus on how a facility uses electricity, water, and gas for basic everyday functions. For example, a building’s layout, the quality of its HVAC equipment, and the status of ductwork can all significantly affect the amount of energy required to heat or cool the structure. An energy analysis serves as a guide to identify actionable steps to reduce total energy use.

What Are the Benefits of Energy Conservation Analysis?

Maximizing your facility’s energy efficiency results in significantly lower lifetime costs. Reducing energy consumption can lower maintenance, operating, and utility expenses, all while simultaneously reducing your company’s carbon footprint — something an increasing number of consumers consider when deciding who to do business with.

To achieve this, energy conservation analyses provide actionable steps businesses can take. For example, they might identify that ductwork repairs may be necessary to stop HVAC air leaks in an existing building, or that the facility could significantly reduce heat loss by installing high-efficiency windows in a new structure. Investing in such improvements will reduce wear on the HVAC system by ensuring it won’t need to run as frequently (or as long) to maintain the desired temperature.


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