A land survey is a process by which a surveyor determines the precise size, shape, boundaries, features, and improvements made on a piece of land, as well as where those features and improvements lie. It also helps determine the presence and location of any encroachments or easements, and all of the information gleaned contributes to the land's valuation. Below, McCarty Associates, an experienced surveying service in Hillsboro, OH, explains how long a land survey remains valid and when you should have one performed. This information should help you determine whether your last survey is still valid or whether you need to schedule one.

How Long Does a Land Survey Remain Valid?

In Ohio, there is no legal limit governing the validity of a land survey. The only real determinant of a survey's validity is whether it is accurate or not. In areas where there is little to no construction, excavation, or commercial activity, an old survey may remain accurate for years or even decades.

Surveying serviceIn areas of high activity, the survey may be outdated after three to six months or even less. Thus, even in areas of low activity, the only way to be sure a survey is accurate is to hire a surveying service to perform one.

When Should You Hire a Surveying Service?

You should always have a land survey completed before a piece of property changes hands. This is true if you are the seller, but it is especially important if you are the buyer. If the survey reveals any unforeseen problems, you can either back out of the purchase or renegotiate the price. It's also essential to hire a surveying service if you plan to build on the property.

An old easement might have been vacated since the last survey, or a new prescriptive easement might have been created in a different sector. Neighbors might have encroached on your land while improving their own, or the city might have "condemned" part of the property to widen the street.

The information above should help you understand when you need a land survey. For assistance creating a site survey or boundary survey that's accurate and up-to-date, contact McCarty Associates, the most experienced civil engineers and surveying service in Highland County. They've been serving the region since 1963 and have branches in Washington Court House and Loveland. Visit their website to read answers to some of their most frequently asked questions or call (937) 393-9971 to schedule a consultation.