If you like strong and beautiful nails but don’t want to resort to acrylic, have you considered shellac nails? Shellac, a blend of nail polish and gel, applies to your natural nails like a glossy polish. A shellac manicure can last for up to a month, and there are many benefits to getting one. 

5 Great Reasons to Try Shellac Nails

1. They Are Stronger

Shellac manicures are much stronger than manicures with regular polish. That means your nails won’t chip as easily, and your professional manicure will look great for a lot longer.

2. They Dry Faster

Your manicurist will set your shellac nails with a UV light, so they will be completely dry by the time you leave the salon. Regular nail polish, on the other hand, is still tacky for several hours after the application.

3. They Are Safer

shellac nailsApplying shellac nails is much less invasive than applying acrylic nails. You don’t need an electric nail file to apply shellac nails, making them an easy alternative to acrylic nails.

4. They Are More Natural Looking

Some people like the look of acrylic nails, but natural is actually in right now. Shellac nails combine the best of both worlds when it comes to a polished, professional look that still appears natural.

5. They Are Easier to Maintain

Shellac nails last a lot longer than traditional manicures, and both the application and removal process hurt less than the procedures for acrylic nails. Maintaining a shellac manicure is a lot easier than keeping up with acrylic nails or constantly repairing a traditional manicure.

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