You might be familiar with the term hydraulics without really understanding how such a system actually works. From auto parts to large-scale building projects, the controlled use of pressurized fluid has many applications. If you’re curious about the inner workings of a piece of construction equipment powered by hydraulics, here’s some information you should know.

How Hydraulics Work

In the simplest terms, a hydraulics system is one that manages its tasks through pressurized fluid. Liquids can produce immense power, which is why hydraulic systems are often used in heavy construction equipment and vehicles. When the pressure is exerted, it creates a force that allows the machinery or device in question to handle its job, whether it’s lifting a heavy pad or bringing a vehicle to a halt via the brake pad.

Brunswick, OH construction equipmentThere are several key parts of a hydraulic system. The reservoir holds the liquid. The pump transfers energy through the system by pushing the fluid through the reservoir. The valves help direct the flow of fluid in a particular direction. Finally, the actuators use hydraulic energy and transform it into mechanical energy, which powers the equipment in question.

Applications Using Hydraulics

Hydraulic energy is used daily for a number of purposes. In vehicles, it’s among the most vital elements because it triggers brake fluid to put pressure on the brake pad, which in turn allows the car to come to a full stop.

It’s also commonly used in construction equipment, such as cranes, diggers, and earth-moving equipment. These types of tools require hydraulics to create sufficient power to lift heavy loads.

Forklifts also depend on hydraulics to pull the load-bearing forks off the ground and hold on to cargo while the vehicle is in motion. It’s popular in many industries because it’s such a cost-effective and powerful solution.


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