In the agricultural and construction industries, there are few pieces of construction equipment more useful than a telehandler. Whether you’re buying one for frequent use or going through an equipment rental company to tackle a one-time job, these machines combine the aspects of a forklift and a crane into one compact device. When deciding on whether you need one for your project, it’s helpful to understand the many benefits they provide.

Reasons to Buy or Rent a Telehandler

1. Tackles Multiple Terrains

When using this piece of construction equipment, it doesn’t really matter where it’s going to be used. It’s easily able to handle moving heavy loads while on the road but also has four-wheel-drive capabilities. That allows it to be effective earth-moving equipment even on rough, off-road terrains.

2. Enjoys Wide Range of Motion

Construction EquipmentOne of the reasons telehandlers are such versatile pieces of construction equipment is because they’re able to move heavy loads high and far.

An extendable arm reaches more than 45 feet, allowing you to move your cargo easily. They also come with a set of stabilizers, which prevent tipping when lifting these heavy loads.

3. Enables Versatility

Even though most come standard with forks designed to lift and transport pallets, the telehandler also serves many other functions. You can attach a cabin to the extendable arm to turn it into a manlift so contractors can work in hard-to-reach places. There are also clamps and scoops that come in different sizes to handle just about any job.

4. Protects Your Workforce

Without a telehandler, it’s your employees’ job to move these heavy supplies and risk themselves in precarious situations for portions of the project. These factors make injuries much more likely to occur. Not only do you want to protect your workers, but if they do get injured on the job, you could be liable for any medical bills in the form of legal damages.

5. Gets the Job Done Quickly

No matter what type of job you’re using a telehandler for, it’s going to make the whole workforce much more efficient. With the right trained operator, it’s able to move heavy loads efficiently to clear out the job site of debris and ensure everyone has the supplies they need. The rest of the construction crew will be able to focus on other tasks.


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