With the right French drain in place, you can eliminate troublesome water buildup in your yard or basement. As long as you have the right construction equipment on hand, it’s a project that a savvy do-it-yourselfer can complete on their own. Here’s a guide to get your project started. 

Tips for Building a French Drain 

1. Avoid Obstacles

One of the most important steps when constructing a French drain is to ensure you have a clear pathway. If you encounter an obstruction, you’ll have to start all over again. Begin by mapping out a theoretical path that avoids any trees, roots, or fence posts.

Next, check with your municipality or utility company to learn where there may be current piping already in the ground. Once you know where those lines are, avoid them.

2. Secure Trusty Excavation Equipment

construction equipmentAnother useful tip is to rent actual construction equipment, such as a mini excavator. While it may be tempting to try to create the trench with a shovel you have in the shed, that creates a large amount of inefficiency. It’s much harder to create a perfectly straight trench with just a shovel. 

It’s also exhausting work and can even lead to nagging problems like back injuries. With the right machine, you’ll save hours of your life and preserve your health. 

3. Remember to Wrap Your Fabric 

While most do-it-yourselfers remember to lay down fabric at the bottom of the trench, it’s typical to forget that it should be wrapped around the pipe once it’s placed in the hole. Having even that slim covering will help keep out debris and grime. If enough of the material were to get into the pipe, it could create a troublesome clog. 


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