When you think of farm equipment, an ATV or UTV might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these versatile machines can be quite useful to small farmers. Whether you have several acres of land you need to tend or you’re working on a construction project on your property, it’s worth checking out the local Kubota® dealer to see how one of these vehicles can help you.

The Benefits of ATVs & UTVs to Farmers

1. Towing Supplies

Farm life involves moving supplies, from hay bales and feedbags to fence posts and more, around the property. Many UTVs are able to tow several thousand pounds, and even smaller ATVs can tow more than you might expect. They are ideal for bringing supplies into tight or small areas and keep you from having to use a larger tractor for small jobs. 

2. Maintenance 

These vehicles are also great for moving tools all over the property to do things like trimming and tree removal, repairing buildings, and general property maintenance.

3. Plowing Snow

In the winter months, a plow attachment on the front of your ATV or UTV makes quick work of light and fluffy snow. You can easily clear a path to barns and sheds using the ATV, especially if you have limited space that prevents you from using a truck or tractor. 

4. Animal Management

Kubota dealerIf you’re raising animals on your farm, your ATV or UTV can help you manage them more efficiently. Certain accessories, for example, allow you to “catch” young animals in a small pen attached to the ATV so you can safely give them vaccines or other care. You can also use your ATV to herd animals or conduct well-being checks, saving time and energy.

5. Faster Chores

From mowing fields to hauling firewood, you can find ATV and UTV accessories and attachments at the Kubota dealer that make important farm chores easy to accomplish. An ATV, for instance, makes it easier to access wooded areas for cutting firewood, and a small trailer lets you carry it back without needing to make multiple trips. 


As the Cleveland area’s trusted Kubota dealer, ABC Equipment Rental and Sales is ready to help you find the perfect ATV or UTV for your small farm. They carry an extensive inventory of Kubota construction equipment for rent or sale, in addition to Gehl®, Mustang®, Honda®, and other top brands. Visit their website to explore your options or call (440) 934-7368 to speak with a helpful customer service representative for information on power tools, generators, and more.