A Kubota® Rubber Track Loader is a popular choice of equipment for heavy lifting and smooth grading on construction sites. In addition to coming from a world-leading manufacturer, its outstanding performance and features can boost productivity and make construction tasks more time-efficient. Before you head to your local Kubota dealer, here are a few huge selling points to keep in mind.

Why You Should Choose a KUBOTA CTL (Compact Rubber Track Loader)

1. Travel Performance on Uneven Ground

Compared to a skid steer loader with tires, a track loader’s tracked chassis offers better travel performance over soft soils. It can run on mud, soft ground, or sand with less chance of sinking or getting stuck, unlike a wheeled vehicle. That said, it also provides excellent performance in harsh weather conditions, preventing rain or thunderstorms from delaying your construction projects.

2. Versatility

KUBOTA dealers offer a kubota dealerwide variety of attachments and accessories for their track loaders. These include forks for moving things, an auger for drilling holes, a grapple bucket for picking up rocks and debris a tiller for tearing through hardened materials or a landscaping rake to prepare your project for grass. You can also choose to get an optional Hydraulic quick coupler, which allows the user to add or remove attachments with the flick of a switch without leaving the cab. 

3. Outstanding Performance

If time efficiency is critical to your project, getting a track loader from a KUBOTA dealer is a smart move. This engine operates on 74.3 or 96.4 horsepower, depending on the model, powering through tasks quickly. In addition, the Electronic Travel Torque Management System lets the user work even faster, supplying more power to the machine. This system allows you to adjust the power output according to the machine’s load, thus avoiding engine stalls even under harsh conditions.

​​​​​​​4.Attachments: There are many attachments you can rent to put on your CTL. A Grapple bucket to grab brush and help pile it up. A new lawn can be made with a Harley Rake or Rock Hound on the front. Forks can also be handy to move objects around the site. A Post Hole Digger to help put up fences or posts for a deck or building. A tooth bucket to help cut out dirt or a smooth bucket to level out the site.


Whenever clients around the Cleveland area need a KUBOTA dealer, they turn to KUBOTA OF CLEVELAND a Division of ABC Equipment Rental & Sales. Located in Brunswick, OH, this company offers construction equipment, forklifts, air compressors, and other related equipment. They’re also an authorized dealer for other top-name brands like Genie®, Stihl®, and Honda® with a wide selection of supplies and accessories for any equipment they sell or rent out. Call Dave for KUBOTA cell # 216-857-0152 or Call our store at (330) 220-4545 or visit their website to view the latest items in their inventory.