Tree trimming keeps foliage healthy and reduces the danger of branches falling on your home, car or people. If you’re planning to take care of this job yourself, though, you’ll need the right equipment. Whether you’re taking care of personal landscaping or working on a commercial space, equipment rental is a great way to handle the task without making an investment. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll need to create great results on your first try.

What Equipment Do You Need to Trim Trees?

1. Towable Manlift

Towable Manlifts are designed to lift you to heights and accomplish aerial work without ladders. First always read manufacturers safe operating instructions before using the lift. They are commonly 36 & 55’ high to your feet. They have booms to reach out and away so your tree cuttings fall straight down or if you are just painting, so the paint doesn’t get on the lift. You tow the lift to your house after a full operational explanation at your Equipment Rental store. Back it close to your job and unhook it from your vehicle. Drop the down-riggers (hydraulic) and level the machine and you are in business. Get your harness on, start your saw make sure it is warm before getting into the lift, shut it off and get in the basket and carefully go to work. Never cut too big of a piece of wood, small sections are very manageable and much safer. Never cut overhead, if you cant get high enough for it, forget it and get a professional tree trimming company to finish it. And Always Boom out from lift so falling pieces do not hit the Lift Body. 

2. Chain Saw

You want a chain saw that is not very heavy, and that you are very familiar with and know the safe operating instructions for the saw you have. Always cut small pieces which are more controllable. Do not tie pieces off to the boom. Never cut pieces on top of rails of basket. 

Always have your hand behind the safety chain brake when cutting. Cutting branches is not a job for everyone. Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the safety manuals from the manufacturer. 

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