Opting to place items in a storage unit is a simple way to declutter your space, keeping items secure until you need them. There are units to accommodate all sorts of objects, but the team at Parma Self Storage knows there are limits to what you can or should place in storage. The facility offers residents of Cleveland, OH, convenient short- and long-term storage solutions. 

To keep your items protected from fire, pests, and additional damage, the staff at the Cleveland storage facility shares the top four items that should definitely be kept out of a storage unit.

Top 4 Items You Should Never Put in Storage Units 

1. Perishable Foods 

storage unitAlthough climate-controlled storage options are available, the units shouldn’t be used as temporary food pantries. Perishable items, such as meat, cheese, bread, and pet food, will spoil in the unit. Rotting food produces flies and maggots, and attracts rodents, cockroaches, and other insects. To prevent infestation, leave food in the fridge. 

2. Hazardous Materials 

Flammable materials and chemicals shouldn’t be placed in a storage rental. Accidental spills from gasoline containers, propane tanks, kerosene lamps, and similar items will cause varying degrees of property damage. Toxic fumes could potentially linger in the enclosed space, which can be dangerous if inhaled. 

3. Animals 

If you need to find temporary housing for a pet, call a friend or your local boarding kennel for assistance. Placing animals in storage is cruel, as units don’t offer enough space or light for pets to remain active and healthy.  

4. Fireworks & Explosives 

Fireworks, guns, and explosives could go off in a storage unit. This could damage your property and anything else in the surrounding area. If this happens, you could be held financially responsible for repairs and replacements.    

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