Have you ever wondered if getting a storage unit was right for you? Although many people occasionally need space to stash belongings such as extra furniture and holiday decorations in attics and basements, it isn’t always easy to find that space at home.

Here are three powerful benefits of renting a storage unit, and why you should consider visiting a facility in your area to reserve a space:

Save Money

Have you ever thought about what percentage of your home you dedicate to storage? If you have hobbies like woodworking, art, or collecting, you might find yourself tempted to rent a larger apartment or purchase a bigger home to keep those extra belongings, which can be expensive in the long run. However, renting a storage unit is an inexpensive way to store additional items—and it helps to keep your home clean and organized.

Rotate Your Belongings & Décor 

storage unitIt isn’t always easy or convenient to store seasonal-use decor and clothing inside your home, which is another reason people turn to self-storage. By finding a nearby storage facility, you can quickly drop off and pick up your belongings, from holiday decorations to bins of toys to outside recreational equipment, giving you more control over which items stay in your garage and home.

Protect Important Items

Storage units are also helpful for people who need to store expensive or personally valuable belongs such as heirlooms, additional vehicles, and large works of art. Depending on where you store, some facilities have features such as temperature and humidity control, helping you to protect your belongings.


Are you ready to clean out your house and move extra belongings into a self-storage facility? People throughout Ohio turn to Parma Self Storage to help them to house their moving boxes, extra equipment, business inventory, and even vehicles. With a focus on cleanliness and perks such as climate controlled units and on-site facility managers, this storage facility takes customer service to another level. To inquire about getting a storage space of your own, send them a message online or call (216) 661-1501.